Caveman Vs Spaceman EP

by Futurian

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Hailing from the Milky Way galaxy, Futurian are here to melt faces and fry your mind (high-tech weaponry set aside).

Two unlikely lead guitarists from the ends of time discover time travel. Two unlikely lead guitarists begin their search for the greatest musicians throughout history.

An Elizabethan piano god, re-defining master class, he would play so fast spectators would claim they saw the devil manipulating his fingers.
Or was that Paganini? Nah, totally our guy.

A stand-up bass player (and stand-up guy) from a 30s jazz club, prime in the depression but other wise a very up-beat guy.

A Viking war drummer, pillager of the new world, (rescued by two unlikely lead guitar players seconds before his death in battle.) Responsible for keeping his “volunteers” rowing at the appropriate beat.

These two unlikely lead guitar players and their cohorts seek to take over the world, one note at a time. And unlike the unlikeliness of these unlikely lead guitar players meeting within a quantum plane, they likely will.


released 17 September 1913



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Futurian Toronto, Ontario

Metal's antiperspirant. Status quo in a coffee grinder. Tank of oxygen in a methane scene. We're what falls between prev and next on your CD player.

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Track Name: Eat These Elements